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Robots won’t replace us because we still need ‘that human touch’ – Daily Fibre

So says Australia’s Chief Scientist Alan Finkel in a new piece for The Conversation.

This brings us back to an important focus area for parents and young folks trying to pin down a smart career path that won’t be eaten up by machines in the coming 30 years. What are the tasks that really need a human touch?

We see the same pattern repeated across the economy. Thanks to technology, many goods and services are cheaper, better and more accessible than ever before. We like our mass-produced bread, and our on-tap lectures and our automated FitBit advice.

But automation hasn’t killed the artisan bakery. Online courses haven’t killed the bricks-and-mortar university. FitBit hasn’t killed the personal trainer. On the contrary, they’re all booming, alongside their machine equivalents.

Some good perspectives on the concepts that make a job ‘human’, or attractive to human customers, not just general thematic or industry discussions.

[Image courtesy of Wes Mountain/The ConversationCC BY-ND]

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