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Maybe the greatest lamp ever designed

An incredibly advanced lamp, dubbed the Komorebi, delivering some of the most natural lighting effects I’ve ever seen. Stunning concept. I do hope it makes it to market. But I have a thing for amazing lamp design. My desk lamp is an Yves Behar Leaf Light.

Lava lamps and data come together at CloudFlare San Francisco

Design, performance art and clever security infrastructure come together at CloudFlare San Francisco. A wall of lava lamps has been integrated into the office design, with a constant feed of photographs of the fluid dynamics delivering random number generation for use in back office processes.

How should we design driverless cars?

Great question, excellent design challenge. When we don’t have to think about a standard driving position, should we even be thinking of the car as a forward-facing environment? Lots of opportunities for clever design, and potential for new variety in economy cars versus luxury models.

This Hyperloop Hotel takes you where you want to go

One room, thirteen cities. This concept — which just won a design innovation award — shows just how far people are pushing the idea of what Elon Musk’s Hyperloop could be. More than a transport loop, a system that moves entire rooms in luxurious style.