Sphero launches new programmable Star Wars robots – including R2-D2!

Sphero has been making excellent programmable robots for years, and last year everybody went nuts for their gorgeous little BB-8. And rightly so. Now we’re getting a new range, adding a new BB-9E (an evil twin to BB-8) and everybody’s classic favourite, R2-D2. The detailing on Artoo is excellent – including a third leg that drops out to move across difficult terrain.

Microsoft gets set to push Mixed Reality for Christmas season

VR is excellent, but the best experiences are still expensive. Microsoft has been touting the promise of its HoloLens technology, but it just hadn’t entered the real market yet and so we didn’t know much beyond the promise of demos (though we did know the early hardware didn’t live up to the videos you see online).

Cortana and Alexa becoming new BFFs

The partnership to allow Microsoft’s Cortana and Amazon’s Alexa to speak to each other is big for the companies involved, and big for progress around voice assistive ecosystems. So much fighting for control in a world where users will just want to ask anything to do anything.